Clothes Doctor - No. 4 Silk & Delicates Eco Wash 500ML

Clothes Doctor - No. 4 Silk & Delicates Eco Wash 500ML
Clothes Doctor - No. 4 Silk & Delicates Eco Wash 500ML

Clothes Doctor - No. 4 Silk & Delicates Eco Wash 500ML

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Silk is a soft, lustrous and luxurious fabric, with regal origins dating back over 3000 years.

To help retain the wonderful properties of your silk and delicate garments, we've crafted our No. 4 Eco Wash with a special pH nearly neutral formula, which cleanses, refreshes and renews so you feel truly indulged every time you wear them.

Beautifully scented with bergamot and sandalwood, our eco-friendly detergent is also animal friendly, being vegan, not tested on animals and free from palm oil too (yay for those orangutans!).

It's perfect for cool hand washing your delicate garments, even when the label may say ‘dry clean only’!

Hand wash (recommended): Turn your garment inside out. Fill a basin with cool water. Pour in 2-3 caps per garment, swirl around then place your garments in and submerge. Gently agitate the water, leave for 15 minutes, and no longer than 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Some colour left in the water is to be expected.

Machine: Use delicates wash setting. Pour 2-3 caps into the machine drawer. Remove promptly at the end of the cycle.
Drying: Press gently but don't wring out.

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Clothes Doctor is a brand creating detergents to help people extend the life of their clothes by cleaning, protecting, repairing and altering, the way our parents and grandparents did. Through the use aluminium bottles and super-concentrated liquids there are no plastic bi-products and the amount of detergent needed per wash is half of what would normally be used.

Year Created: 2017

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