Sustainable Shoes

In 2020, there were approximately 20.5 billion pairs of footwear that were produced around the world.

The demand for footwear is higher than an ever and the materials used to make footwear has been becoming more sustainable. Companies have now shifted their priorities to put sustainability at the top of their list, one step at a time.

At Good, we have partnered with some of the most sustainable shoe brands in the world. These brands prove that you don’t need to compromise between style, comfort, and the planet.

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Rio, Brazil

Cariuma is a brand from Brazil that creates sustainable sneakers that are both comfortable and timeless. Popular amongst surfers and skateboards these shoes have become popular and at the same time have helped the manufacturing has not compromised on the eco-conscious spirit of the brand.

The main materials to create these shoes are organic cotton, natural rubber, bamboo, sugarcane and cork. They offer safe working environments, fair working hours and wages to their employees. All of their shipping is carbon neutral and their warehouse is ISO14001:2015 Certified and LEED Gold Certified meaning it is up to a high level of environmental standards

Flamingos Life
Elche, Spain

Flamingos Life are spanish plant-based shoe makers. Their three philosophies are to provide a solution to the ecological crisis, stop the harm and suffering of animals and make the fashion industry visible, transparent to the consumer and provide all the information to make good and conscious decisions.

Their goal is to make biodegradable sneakers. All of their production facilities are local and managed by families. Flamingos Life has developed their own materials from corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and natural rubber from the Hevea Brasliensis tree.

Lisbon, Portugal

NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation. Their mission is to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation. Their shoes and accessories are manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal

They use a variety of sustainable materials to create their shoes but they also have a heavy focus on the design, style and quality of their shoes. Some the sustainable materials they use include piñatex, vegan-leather, organic cotton, cork and recycled PET

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to some fashionable European shoes than look no further than NAE

Nomadic State of Mind
North Carolina, USA

Nomadic State of Mind is a handmade sandal company that is run from North Carolina. Their sandals are all vegan and no material goes to waste but instead gets used in other products from Nomadic State of Mind.

The materials in the sandals come from recycled rope. Nomadic State of Mind creates their sandals in factories in Nicaragua. They pay their workers fair, livable wages and have setup ethical factories. In the process they have created countless jobs in struggling communities. Their supply chain is fully traceable so you know exactly what your buying and where it has come from

Orba Shoes
New Zealand

Orba Shoes is a New Zealand based, B-Corp certified sustainable shoe brand. They make versatile, timeless sneakers that are designed to biodegrade. Yep, that's a stylish, versatile, durable and sustainably-made zero-waste shoe that will eventually return to the earth from which it originally came.

The soles are made from natural rubber, rice husk and coconut oil. The upper uses flax, ramie and kenaf. The footbed is made up of cork, coir and agave sisal and the laces are made from organic cotton.