Welcome to good.eco


We believe it should be easy for people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our purpose is to offer our customers the widest range of the most sustainable products available, across all categories and price points. 


Our criteria for brands/vendors

We only accept brands where sustainability or health is a core part of their purpose.

We look for attributes including:

  • Minimising inputs and embracing recycling and reuse
  • Reduction of carbon footprint and energy consumption
  • Support of environmental initiatives outside their business
  • Transparency about their production process
  • Environmentally-friendly materials & avoiding harmful materials
  • Natural, healthy, organic ingredients
  • Attainment of certifications and accreditations


Our Programs

We want to be a carbon negative business from inception, to do this we have been offsetting our carbon via OneTreePlanted in Australia. In addition, we support numerous Australian conservation organisations of all sizes.


Our Shortcomings

  • Very few products are 100% sustainable. Our brands are all leaders in their space and adopt a mindset to improve
  • We may make mistakes with brands and products, but will always try to fix our mistakes and improve. Let us know if you think we are missing a brand or if there is a product that shouldn’t be on our store
  • Some categories of product by their nature are difficult to make sustainably (electronics, appliances). Rather than offer no products, we may offer the most sustainable options, or best-in-class brands for these categories.