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Koala Conservation

Koala Conservation

Koalas are under threat in Australia and it is our responsibility to protect and preserve them. Koalas have to be one of the most iconic animals in the world and are beloved for their cuteness. They are only found in Australia and are instantly recognised because of their adorable faces and fluffy fur.

The Australian Government has officially listed koalas on their endangered species list in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australia Capital Territory. It is estimated that koalas could be extinct in NSW as early as 2050. In the last 20 years, NSW has lost one in four koalas. The time to protect and conserve koalas is now!

Unfortunately no matter how iconic these creatures are this is not enough to save them from extinction. During the 1920s koalas were hunted and shot for their fur. This is no longer a threat to koalas however they are fighting for survival against tree clearing, bushfires and development.

Threats to Koalas

Climate Crisis
There is increasing evidence that climate change is affecting koala populations. The impact of droughts and extreme temperatures are damaging their habitats. Extreme weather events such as fire and floods are increasing in severity due to climate change.

The destruction and fragmentation of koala habitats for both urban and agricultural development are destroying their liveable environment. This means that koalas are required to spend more time on the ground moving from tree to tree. Koalas are more vulnerable to being attacked by predators and/or hit by cars when travelling on the ground.

8 Ways to Protect the Koala

1. Donate to Wildlife Animal Hospitals

To help sick and rehabilitate koalas donate to your local wildlife hospital. If you cannot find one near to where you live consider donating to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. The animal hospital was founded by the Irwin family and is on the grounds of the famous Australia Zoo.

2. Adopt a Koala

The WWF offers an opportunity to adopt a koala. This program assists you to donate directly to the koala by protecting them against Chlamydia, care for sick and injured koalas and create wildlife corridors for them to move around safely. This is a fantastic and unique gift for your animal-loving friend.

3. Plant a Tree

The Australian Koala Foundation allows you to plant a tree on their 100-acre nature reserve and research station, Quinlan. This land was generously donated to the foundation and is a protected habitat for koalas in Southeast Queensland.

4. Donate to a Koala Charity
Take your passion for koalas to the next level and become a regular donator to a koala charity. You will not only support the important work completed by the charity, but you will also receive news about other ways to support these adorable creatures.

5. Get Political
Show your support for the Koala Protection Act. Get in touch with your local politician and tell them that you care about koalas and you want them to support the act as well.

6. Create a habitat for Koalas
If you live in an area that can support koalas why not plant trees on your property to help them. You can restore koala habitat in your own backyard with the help of handy information from the Friends of the Koalas, Save the Koala and Koalas in Care.

7. Volunteer your time
Many koala and wildlife charities need volunteers. Contact your local wildlife hospital or koala organisation and see if there is any way that you can help them with your skill set.

8. Spread the word
Use social media for good and spread the word about koalas and their need for your support. Help the charities raise awareness for our cute friends and get your friends and family involved.

Koalas need our assistance now more than ever. Everyone wants the koala to be around for future generations so the time to act is now.