The Story Behind TOMS


As the company that started it all, One for One, TOMS mission has always been to make people's lives better.

Since 2006, TOMS community has distributed approximately 100 million pairs of shoes to individuals who are less fortunate. They have observed that donating shoes alone may have a significant impact. At time of writing, TOMS provide $1 to charity for every $3 that they make

How Everything Got Started

In 2006, while on a trip across Argentina, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie witnessed firsthand the challenges that were faced by youngsters who lacked footwear. Because of this, he was motivated to start a company that was for-profit yet centred on charitable giving. What's the idea? One child in need would get a brand-new pair of shoes for every pair of shoes that were sold by the firm.

And thus, TOMS, which is an acronym that stands for Tomorrow's Shoes, was established.

Over the Course of Time

TOMS made an investment in what is now known as the Giving Team in 2009, which consisted of specialists in the fields of foreign development, health, and charitable organisations. Over the course of the subsequent ten years, this group built partnerships with over two hundred non-governmental and humanitarian groups located in eighty nations throughout the globe.

TOMS would be in a better position to understand the requirements of the communities it serves if it collaborated closely with the aforementioned groups. We may also be able to contribute to the fulfilment of these requirements by incorporating TOMS resources into pre-existing initiatives, such as those that promote health, education, and the growth of communities.

TOMS Eyewear was first introduced in 2011, at which time we partnered with the Seva Foundation to assist in the provision of medical care, sight-saving surgery, and prescription glasses to individuals who are in need. After that, in 2014, we introduced the TOMS Roasting Co. brand. TOMS coffee sales helped deliver sustainable water systems to areas who needed access to safe water. This was made possible thanks to a cooperation with the organisation Water For People. 

TOMS Today

TOMS has always been about working for a brighter future. After thirteen years and the donation of approximately one hundred million pairs of shoes, they have come to the realisation that communities all over the world are confronted with new and difficult issues; thus, we think it is our obligation to take additional action.

A future in which mankind does well is one that will be better.